Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Hiring a Musical Band

Weddings are a once in a lifetime affair and everybody dreams of having that perfect fairytale wedding. You start planning for it way in advance of the D-day to have the wedding that is remembered with the fondest of memories. Planning is crucial in getting everything right to the T.

One of the major parts of this planning schedule is to book a wedding band which is going to play your favorite songs. One can find a well experienced local New Jersey band who will perform on your wedding and make it all the more special and fun. Before deciding to hire a live band it is advised to ask questions to your venue in order to have a smooth run on the big wedding day.

Live Band at the Wedding Venue1.   License to Play Live Music

The basic question is whether the venue has been issued a license to allow to play live music. Due to noise pollution issues, strict laws regarding loud noise or a distressed neighborhood who has objections to loud music, it becomes imperative to question the venue whether they have the permission to play amplified music. However, for, softer music like acoustic, unplugged, gypsy jazz there is no need for the license.

2. Use of Sound Limiters

Sound limiters are devices that are used to detect the volume of the room with the help of a microphone attached to it. If the volume goes beyond the set limit for more than few seconds there will be an automatic power cut. It thus becomes essential to find out if the venues have this tool or not. Some bands may not want to perform below a certain volume and the presence of limiters may be an issue.

3. Sufficient supply of Power

In case you plan an outdoor reception, or even otherwise there will be musicians, performers who will need the power supply. For an outdoor party, there will be the need for a socket or an extension taken from the main building or made use of a generator. All this may seem obvious but must be taken care of beforehand to avoid any last minute hassles.

4. Limit for Music Curfew

It’s your wedding, and you want to dance from dusk to dawn. For this, it is required that you find out the curfew for playing music. Mostly the limit is till midnight, but some venues have an earlier limit to end the music. It is vital that all obey the license agreement regarding the same. The limits regarding the timings are strict, and it is in the best interest to obey them. There have been times when police were called to stop the music and end the party. And you surely do not want that.

5. Sound Limitations

This one may be a little more problematic with the musicians or the band. Some venues place the number of restrictions related to instruments to be used. For instance, the use acoustic drum kit is not allowed, but electronic drums are allowed. Some venues even do not allow using the guitar or bass amplifiers. They require bands to use in-ear monitors and not the speakers at the stage. You do not want the band to flee the last minute due to conflicts with the venue. So sort this all well in advance, even before booking the band.

6. Accommodation

Not given much weightage but it is important to find out as to how much space venues provide for the musicians or the band. There have been instances when the large bands were booking, and the space provided by the venue was sufficient to accommodate only a trio or a four piece line up. This could cause last-minute embarrassment and chaos.

7. Arrangement of Drinks & Meals for Musicians

Surprisingly not all venues provide the facility of providing meals and drinks to the musicians. Musicians mostly have a clause in their contracts requesting for making arrangements for food and drinks. In order to avoid any awkward conversations get this settled beforehand and make this arrangement work with either the musicians or the venue.

8. Availability of PA System

A little on the technical side, but still crucial. Some venues have a built-in PA sound system. Bands might want to run the PA to check if everything is fine. Venues may also offer to provide for the in-house sound engineer to ensure things run smoothly. Note, that this service might be charged separately. Also check whether it is a compulsion to use the PA installed in the venue or is it completely optional, a decision left on the band to make.

Dancing wedding guests9. Green Room for Musicians

A green room is a must-have for many musicians. It allows them to have a private space to get ready, keep their stuff, and relax before the performance and so on. Though mostly venues provide a green room, it is best to check and book in advance.

10. Sufficient Parking Space

This point is majorly a concern when the venues are located in the central city. There must be a legal space to load and unload the equipment bands have with them. Also if there is a parking issue the cost of parking for the band will have to be looked after by you. Check the venue for parking space ahead in time.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list of questions you might want to ask the venue. To make things smooth and hassle-free take some time out from other preparations and give this equal importance. Focusing on this and questioning this beforehand will allow you to choose the venue that will let you have your favorite band perform without any restrictions and inhibitions.

However, if the venue is your dream venue, then you have the chance to choose the band as per the rules, restrictions, and limits of the band. Surveying a little will help you only to have the wedding you always dreamt of having.