Do You Have a Singing Problem? Find out and Solve it Today

Nobody is perfect, and everyone might have experienced certain problems in their singing style and techniques. Not only the ordinary singers but also the trained singers have faced challenges in their singing. But that doesn’t mean they would entirely cease singing.

It is imperative to find out the very root of the problem to uproot it completely. To be a perfectionist in the field of singing, you have first to sort out what are your major problems, and then you can work hard to overcome them.

Sore throat is the least of your problems when singingNowadays, many resources can easily help you to sing better and improve your voice. There are plenty of good books on singing and also different handy websites to help you to solve your problem. Primarily, you should have an idea about the necessary components of singing.

Basic components of singing

  • Voice is one of the essential elements of your singing. The first thing that reaches the audience is the quality of your voice. Having a good voice is a gift of God, and you must not take it for granted. You have to strengthen your vocal apparatus through a regular vocal exercise.
  • Rhythm which can be defined as the beat or groove of a song is also very essential for good singing. A singer has to follow the rhythm and keep up with it all through the song. If you are a bad singer, then you have to catch up with the beat of the song continuously. So, to be a good singer you have to understand the different beat and match your vocal tunes with various beats. You must also have to learn to hold the basic tempo of a song.
  • Diction refers to the way you sound of pronounce the words of a song. Having a good diction helps your audience to relate to your song and grasp the lyrics of the song more easily. You can acquire a good diction by constantly reading and practicing the pronunciation of consonants and vowels. Consonants and single vowels are of great help for understanding your physical actions to sing better.
  • Breathing is a common mechanism of the body. But most singers have a difficulty to grasp the breathing tricks while singing. So, they cannot create a better sound. Singers have to familiarize themselves to proper breathing for creating a good sound and relax their voice at proper intervals during singing.
  • Pitch is defined as the notes and sounds of a singer. It is essential for a singer to know the proper pitch of a song they are selecting to sound better. To sing flawlessly, a singer has to hit the pitch of the song as correctly as possible. To hold a proper pitch, a singer has to take training under a professional coach, to understand the correct pitch and intervals in a song. Explore the professional singing lessons by Music To Your Home in NYC and learn the technicalities of your voice, scales and find out if there are any vocal concerns to work towards.

The basic components of singing are discussed above in detail. Now it is important to understand the five basic problems of singing so that you can rectify them.

  1. The first and foremost problem with singing is the fact when the singer cannot follow the tune.
  2. The importance of rhythm is discussed above. Therefore, it is equally important for a singer to have a good sense of rhythm. But unfortunately, some of the singers lack the sense of rhythm.
  3. Most of the singers cannot control their breathing at the time of singing. So, often they cannot hold their breath when they have to sing long phrases.
  4. Some singers may have a problem with weak voice quality. While they sing, it sounds like they are whispering as their voice are not strong enough to be heard.
  5. And the last problem is with the diction. A good diction creates a smooth and clear sound of the words of the song. Good diction is the key to please your audience.

Other than these five basic problems there are also certain other problems that are common with many of the singers. They include:

  • Not opening the jaw properly.
  • To raise the head unnecessarily, or
  • To stretch the back of your neck.
  • Making the throat stiff while singing higher notes.

Screaming like an 80s rockstar can hurt your voiceEven if you have any of the problems as mentioned above, don’t make it a habit to continue singing with these problems. Always remember that any of the above problems can just damage your singing career and also your voice. Some of the practices which you can follow to give your flawless singing are as follows

  • Before you start to sing, you need certain warm-up exercises to soothe your vocal cords.  Vocal warm-ups are essential for good singing. An experienced vocal instructor can help you to raise the level of your singing thereby pointing out all your problems while singing. By performing these vocal exercises, you can achieve the following advantages
  1. Becomes more accurate and flexible while singing.
  2. Increases the power of singing.
  3. Develop a clear voice.
  • By opening your mouth properly, you can create a clear and powerful sound. Often the singers with their half-opened mouth produce a low or suppressed sound. It is very important to pronounce each of the five vowels clearly as the vowels are used frequently in all the songs.
  • If you are rehearsing for a long time, then it is time to take a break. Sometimes, too much rehearsal is harmful to a singer. The vocal cords get tired due to overstraining your voice. Dragging yourself beyond your comfort limit can only cause damage to your voice. So, when you are going to perform give some rest to your voice as much as possible before and after.
  • If your vocal cords are well hydrated, then there is no chance of hurting them. So, drink plenty of water and avoid the intake of too much caffeine or alcohol as both of them are responsible for dehydration.

While practicing try to pick up songs you are comfortable with, or that is in your range. Sometimes, singers go for songs that have high tones. But it is often found that they end up with vocal damage or produces a very unpleasant sound. So, whenever you feel uncomfortable or tightness in your throat, you must understand that this song is not of your range.

Hence, to become a good singer, you have to overcome all the problems of your singing technique. Then only you can place your voice to the peak of your performance.