Author: Bernard Pierce

Stock Futures, Bonds Steady on Retail Sales

Once again, more data to validate the strength of the U.S. economy — it might be easier just to start issuing the economic reports with one word: ditto! November retail same-store sales rose about four percent. Retailers, coming off the strongest holiday season in seven years, continue to benefit from rising wages, a robust housing […]

What is the Safest Way to Get a Refund?

How safe is the direct deposit feature for having tax refunds issued directly to a checking or savings account? What happens if there’s a mistake in the bank account number or routing number? What can be done if there’s a mistake with the direct deposit information? Generally speaking, direct deposit is a relatively safe way […]

Identifying the Different Costs in Business

The identification of costs is a crucial aspect of any business and is required in order to understand and set products and pricing structures. For those who operate their business from home, a simple and organized way of identifying costs is to visualize one’s daily activities and record each item which is used and requires […]

Start the Struggle to Get Out of Debt

The average American household has around $15,800 in credit card debt. And it’s not just struggling young families who are saddled with debt; those hoping to retire are borrowing more than ever. As hard as it may seem to dig yourself out of debt, it is possible. To mitigate and conclusively scratch off the debt […]

Making Cash Using Stock Options

Stock options can be extremely risky. It just depends on what the investor feels comfortable with. Unlike stocks, stock options expire. The options are cheaper the closer it gets to their expiration date. So if a stock is about to take a drastic move, and investor purchases a stock option that is about to expire, […]